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A Toast To Angels With Pretty Faces

Be an angel this holiday season. Or at least be one at Libertine on Saturday, Dec. 13, from 6-9 p.m., when the restaurant, the local charity organization known as Martha’s Table and Louisville, Ky.,-based Angel’s Envy lead a coats-for-cocktails drive. You bring a coat; you sip an Angel’s Envy-spun cocktail at half the price. No […]

Zagat: He’s Instagram-Worthy

From Zagat’s Nevin Martell comes this: “From Taco Bell’s chihuahua, Gidget, to Ronald McDonald, restaurant mascots are not a new phenomenon at national chains. However, it’s more unusual for local spots to boast one.” Martell then cites four eye-catching mascots in the D.C. region, starting with Libertine’s Mr. Peeps. “This cuter-than-cute, five-pound teacup poodle presides over […]

It Hits the Spot — Like Clockwork

The Libertine restaurant will shout to the skies and ring out the hosannas during the launch of Clockwork Orange on Friday (Aug. 22) at 5 p.m. This is the “little orange liqueur that could,” so dubbed by the New Holland Brewing Company, the Holland, MI.-based entity that pours its craft heart and soul into its beer and […]

A Rogue Spirit Readying to Spook You

“Unprincipled,” “unreliable,” and “without moral restraint” — those are the phrases that define the Newport, Or.,-based Rogue brewery and the Libertine restaurant that will unite in presenting a beer-cocktail throw-down on Thursday (Aug. 21), starting at 5 p.m. You say the definitions carry a negative connotation; we say let it rip. Let’s go against the grain, against […]