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Mr. Peeps

Zagat: He’s Instagram-Worthy

From Zagat’s Nevin Martell comes this: “From Taco Bell’s chihuahua, Gidget, to Ronald McDonald, restaurant mascots are not a new phenomenon at national chains. However, it’s more unusual for local spots to boast one.” Martell then cites four eye-catching mascots in the D.C. region, starting with Libertine’s Mr. Peeps. “This cuter-than-cute, five-pound teacup poodle presides over […]


It Hits the Spot — Like Clockwork

The Libertine restaurant will shout to the skies and ring out the hosannas during the launch of Clockwork Orange on Friday (Aug. 22) at 5 p.m. This is the “little orange liqueur that could,” so dubbed by the New Holland Brewing Company, the Holland, MI.-based entity that pours its craft heart and soul into its beer and […]


A Rogue Spirit Readying to Spook You

“Unprincipled,” “unreliable,” and “without moral restraint” — those are the phrases that define the Newport, Or.,-based Rogue brewery and the Libertine restaurant that will unite in presenting a beer-cocktail throw-down on Thursday (Aug. 21), starting at 5 p.m. You say the definitions carry a negative connotation; we say let it rip. Let’s go against the grain, against […]

elton john

Let Freedom Ring, Pennsylvania-Style

You promise to bring your best dance moves. We promise to mix the best beer cocktails. It is D.C. Beer Week. It is time to celebrate, specifically the Adamstown, Pa.-based Stoudts Brewing Company and the Philadelphia-based Blue Coat Gin and  Vieux Carre absinthe. Come one, come all: Wednesday (Aug. 20), starting at 5 p.m. Channel your inner Elton […]